Shutter Island Game (Like the Movie): You Gotta See This

by Rick

Okay gang, they just released the GAME based on the movie, “Shutter Island”.

Shutter Island Game

Just like the movie, you play the U.S. Marshal Teddy Daniels who is investigating the escaped murderer from Shutter Island. This movie is getting rave reviews so it’s really awesome there is a game out for Shutter Island.

While you are trying to unlock the mystery of the missing prisoner, you get caught up in the twists and turns of the movie plot and your goal then becomes to simply escape Shutter Island before you go insane!

I’m sure this game is getting big attention because of the movie. The best news is, you can try it for free from GameHouse using their FunPass subscription, which also gives you access to 900+ games with no time limits.

Play the Shutter Island Game if you’re looking for a thriller!

PS – This game is very suspenseful so younger audiences beware.

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